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Loyalty Rewards Program

If your anything like us, skin care products are an essential part of everyday life. To show our appreciation for your loyalty we are now offering loyalty reward points on online purchases.* The points are generated automatically and applied to an account that was created when you registered. This page is designed to help you navigate and understand you reward points and how to redeem them. 


Understanding Points

You will see notices above the products detailing how many points you will earn for your purchase. It also tells you the value of the points. Here is an example:

Once we have invoiced and shipped your product the points will automatically be applied to your account. To see how many points you have earned simply go to your account by clicking "MY ACCOUNT" on the top menu. Once in your account click "Reward Points" from the left hand menu titled "Account Dashboard". See image below.

Once you have gained access to your reward points page you will see your balance information and a break down of points spent. Please review the image below to familiarize yourself with the page. 

Redeeming Points At Checkout 

Using your points could not be easier! After you have placed everything you are going to purchase in your shopping cart, simply proceed to checkout as normal. The system will automatically give you the option to use the points for your current purchase. To use points just click the radio button next to the phrase "Use my Reward Points." See picture below.

Earning Points Outside of Purchasing 


There are several ways for you to earn points without making purchases. One of those is simply registering your account. Signing up on the website earns you 10 points right from the get go! See below for a full list of point earning opportunities. 

  • Registration - 10 pts
  • Newsletter Signup - 10 pts
  • Review Products (previously purchased) - 10 pts
  • Video Testimonial for Product (previously purchased) - 200 pts
  • Tagging Products - 10 pts
  • Participating in Polls - 10 pts
  • Customer Birthday - 25 pts
  • Answer A Product Question - 25 pts