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Refinery29 ~ Which Face Mask Is Right For You?

Face masks can seem cumbersome for the time-strapped — it’s an extra skin-care step that requires up to 15 minutes of need-to-sit-still downtime followed by a rather vigorous rinse.

The truth is, these treatments can leave your complexion even, calm, and glowing — much like a pricey facial would — in about the time it takes to blow-dry your hair. Plus, with a whole new crop of sleeping masks that melt into the skin while you snooze, even the busiest of bees can get in on the regenerating action.

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hoopLA ~ SKN Beverly Hills

SKN Beverly Hills is a skincare company that’s on top of its game. Started in 1987 by leading Beverly Hills dermatologist, Marvin J. Rapaport MD and his then pre-med daughter, Vicki Rapaport.

Vicki Rapaport, now a Beverly Hills dermatologist, has taken over the company and has expanded the line to a never-ending list of essential skin products for the face and body. Vicki felt that the line lacked teenage-targeted products for her “zitty skin”. Vicki developed problem-targeted cleansers and high-tech skin creams. One of her favorite products is the matte moisturizer (Zit Down & Shut Up), which is perfect for hot summers.

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Breezy Mama ~ 5 Ways Women Look Younger

Breezy Mama got curious as to what treatments are popular in erasing fine lines and turned to Beverly Hills’ own Dr. Vicki Rapaport M.D.

What is the top treatment women are doing to reduce fine lines?

Botox™ to crows feet is the top injectable treatment (we have always been doing it since Botox’™ inception but it was officially FDA approved for crows feet indication last year). Eye creams with growth factors (Neo Cutis’ Lumiere) and serums of all kinds are hot right now. We like SKN beverly hills’ Black Serum in Red Tea or Pure Essential Lipids.

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Male Standard ~ The Authority On Male Grooming

Dr. Vicki Rapaport Shares Her Insights On The Latest New Trend: BRO-TOX

When asked what Dr Vicki’s big trends were in 2013 and beyond, her answer was not another laser treatment, instead a demographic and that demographic is men! “I’m seeing more and more men coming into my practice for the same youth-a-fixation treatments as their wives and girlfriends. They want to look great too and know there are safe, comfortable and affordable ways to combat wrinkles,” states Dr Vicki.

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Treating Melasma & the latest anti-aging trends from Beverly Hills : Dr Lycka & Dr Rapaport

Melasma and other skin pigmentation problems are very distressing, and can be caused by a number of things. But however it has been caused, treating melasma is possible and there are a range of treatment options and prices available so no one needs to suffer any longer. To explain these options this week on Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, the shows host Edmonton cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Barry Lycka talks with Dr Vicki Rapaport, board certified dermatologist from Beverly Hills, CA. Dr. Rapaport shares some great advice on treating melasma and talks us through the levels of treatment she likes to advise.

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